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Published By: Michael S.
Age 17
California – U.S.A
Published on 7/24/18
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YouTube forced me to do it…

I spend A LOT of time on YouTube. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to browsing the interwebs. My obsession started with Karim Benzema videos – his style and energy has inspired me to challenge myself and go beyond the limits I thought I had.

Some of my favorite channels today are WROETOSHAW, F2FREESTYLERS & DANIEL CUTTING. However, the video above is from a YouTuber named Kieran Brown. I found his channel one day when the video above appeared in my feed. Naturally, I don’t think any of you would pass up a video called “This FOOTBALL is OVERPOWERED.” Additionally the video was apparently “unpaid.”

I ordered on I would’ve ordered it from amazon but it was $5 cheaper on their website. I used promo code “KICK18” if anyone wants to give it a whirl. I got mine for $19.99 with the discount added.

Once it arrived, the first thing that caught my attention was the WARNING that read “goal keepers beware” (or something like that) on the package. Immediately I opened it up to find a deflated kickerball and a pump. Unfortunately there wasn’t a blinding god-like light showering on my face like Kieran at 0:16 – so a little disappointed there.

I pumped this thing up and took it to my backyard for immediate testing. Needless to say that this thing was (and still is) nasty; and I mean like supa hot fire nasty! I can curve a football; I got the skillz from YouTube (of course)… but this thing is so cool. I’ve never seen a football like this one.

It is a lightweight-football that is slightly smaller than my size 5 world cup ball. It has “special” paneling that unexpectedly enhances the ball’s movement. I bring it with me when we play our 3v3s and DEFINITELY throw it in the trunk when we are hanging out at the pier. One thing that is super funny is watching the ball literally whiz around one of my buddies while he busts his *** trying to stop my fury. The warning is real after all hehe.

Any advice – don’t overinflate. Their team sent a few emails mentioning this so I wanted to pass on their message. Directions I received with my order confirmation recommended 3-4 psi but “ain’t nobody got a pressure gauge” so I just followed their inflation instructions.

Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I would pay twenty any day to see Roy fly into giant puddle of dirt while my kickerball skims his fingertips. Wouldn’t be surprised if this became one of those “everyone has to have it” kind-of things. I give kickerball a 9/10. I have been using mine for over a month now – I plan to buy a few more for a video we want to shoot in SoCal sometime in the fall.

If you want more great content on the kickerball you can check out F2 & Daniel (as I mentioned in the beginning) – Daniel does the most insane kickerball tricks I have ever seen.
Thanks for reading – until next time.

Mike S.

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