Product Description & Inflation Instructions

The KickerBall™ by Swerve Ball is not your average football (soccer ball). In fact, our ball gives ANYONE the ability to kick like the professionals.
How you may ask? Similar to the Swerve Ball’s “Hexpropello Dodecahedron” design; the KickerBall™ has special panels to channel air differently than your standard football (soccer ball). This special design matched with our unique aerodynamic materials is what gives our ball the ability to SWERVE, BEND, and CURVE with ease!
We were inspired by the world’s greatest athletes to invent a ball that makes those “impossible” soccer tricks POSSIBLE! From the stadium to your backyard, The KickerBall™ is hours of fun for Boys and Girls!
(Please Note: The KickerBall™ is not a FIFA, NFHS or NCAA certified football (soccer ball); it is a TOY and should be used as such. Results may vary depending on your unique skill level.)
Inflation Instructions:
1. Before inflating your KickerBall™, unfold the ball with both hands. Make sure the ball is worked so it is no longer compressed or completely flattened.
2. Once unfolded, ensure the bladder is not stuck to the side by working the deflated ball with your hands. (Since it is impossible to see, unfolding the ball [step 1] should free the bladder for inflation.)
3. Get Manual Air Pump and screw a small inflation needle onto the end of the pump. Gently insert the needle into the inflation hole.
4. Before pumping air into the ball, ensure that you ARE NOT putting pressure on the ball as this may damage the bladder from expanding properly.
5. Pump air into the KickerBall™ slowly. Visually monitor the ball as it inflates and stop pumping once the ball starts to become firm.
Note: The ball may appear to be slightly deformed after inflation. This is completely normal and will settle into its intended shape after it has been fully-inflated for at least 24 hrs. Feel free to play with the KickerBall™ in the meantime!
Distributed by Intersell Ventures LLC. KickerBall™ is a trademark of Intersell Ventures. All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending.