Striking the side (inside or outside):

Kicking the ball this way gives you the best chance of getting those INSANE curves; but as all things AWESOME, it may take a little practice. Kick from the inside of the ball to curve it right OR strike it from the outside to swerve it left! Make sure to follow through and practice the amount of spin you are putting on the ball; the more spin the more KickerBall will bend and catch air in its specially designed panels! Various YouTubers such as F2 Freestylers & Daniel Cutting (and many MANY more) have great videos showing the EXTREME curves of our KickerBall.


Striking the middle (with the laces):

When people think about curving a soccer ball they often forget about the advantages of curving it downwards or upwards with the intention of tricking the defense or keeper. Kicking the KickerBall in the center will allow you to knuckle or bend the ball instead of swerving it from side to side.


Striking underneath (again, with your laces):

Launch KickerBall with a high-power kick or bump it to “volley” it to another player. KickerBall’s reduced weight makes it easier getting it up from the ground which also makes it great to practice dribbling and other foot-skills!